I recently became aware, through social media, of a rape survivor whose ( serial ) abuser has yet to be arrested despite her naming him; undergoing a sexual assault examination and pointing out his home to police officers.

I wish I could tell you this was the plot of an upcoming episode of Law and Order: SVU. Sadly, it’s a real life case torn from the New Orleans spin doctors try to gloss over with food, festivities and fun.

My role is simple: join this voice for the voiceless who broke the bonds of her pain to ask why this predator hasn’t been arrested? I support police and prosecutors but also support victims overlooked or even ignored by some in the system. 

Women in this city run a gauntlet where sexual assault may come from men they know or strangers. Silence when one falls prey to this gauntlet means condoning its ugly existence. Justice for Kristen Crain means we are a civilized society, even if victims and advocates have to prod the powers that be to act like it.

Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black, Creator of the Cap Black Street Patrol. *Walking Escorts* *Victim Advocacy* 504 214 3082.

Funding #CapBlack #RLSH’s Fight


My Cap Black Street Patrol is a self funded, volunteer fellowship I created to deter street crime and involve people in creating easily accessible safety.

Primarily, I offer walking escorts to women in targeted areas. I also patrol streets ( and watch locations ) where repeated crime occurs, networking with victims, witnesses and other stakeholders.

Lastly, I advocate on behalf of victims who feel their cases have fallen through the cracks. This is done by contacting appointed and elected officials, in addition to media and other advocates.

People occasionally ask how can they contribute money to my calling. Here’s how:



Mail a check or money order to: Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black P.O. Box 15585, New Orleans La. 70115.

I fund my fight through what I earn. Your support means I can fight in bigger, better ways. Lets create safety together.

Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black, Creator, Cap Black Street Patrol. 504 214 3082.

#CapBlack #RLSH Mardi Gras March


I marched in the 2017 Krew Delusion Mardi Gras parade on Saturday as a member of Guise of Fawkes, an activist themed krew. I secured our captain, who wore goddess Isis wings and a wagon float filled with trinkets called ” throws . ”

This was my inaugural walk in a parade ( after years of creating event safety and doing protest marches ) and I took a scenic two mile walk through downtown New Orleans, complete with a Cap Black cape to accompany matching hat; Cap Black Street Patrol t-shirt and new buttons. Yes, I was getting my RLSH ( real life superhero ) on while surrounded by costumed revelers.

After the parade I took me and my new cape on a first ever security assignment at a 24 hour store in the Marigny community, where my safety advocacy is focused.

Where else but the real life Gotham City of New Orleans can you have a day at the office like this?

Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black, Creator of the Cap Black Street Patrol. *Walking escorts* *Victim advocacy* 504 214-3082.

Women’s Right to Safety


Daily assault targeting women and New Orleans impending Mardi Gras make this a perfect time to assert women’s right of safety.

This ceases being an abstract moral exercise when you listen to victims and ladies wary of leaving their homes.

Predators haven’t gotten the memo that women aren’t their personal clay pigeons. It’s up to the rest of society to send this message in no uncertain terms, verbally and literally, at work and play.

We must walk together; bike ride beside each other and promote women’s right of safety with the same zeal as other human rights causes.

Anything less means we accept this carnage as the cost of being born female- as bigoted a notion as any Americans have faced.

Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black, Creator of the Cap Black Street Patrol, whose volunteers walk women to their cars and advocate on behalf of crime victims.

504 214-3082.

Nobody Let Me Be #CapBlack #RLSH


I won’t bore you with a recital of the insult being an American Black male competitor can be in the market place. I will offer my one technique for not accepting external limitations. Given grave speculation surrounding me regarding race relations under President Trump, perhaps this tidbit is timely.

I focus upon my potential and its expression to the exclusion of noisy, nosy naysayers. No matter how many doors slam in my face, I continually reach within to create new content or launch the next concept. Some readers will say this process is universal and thus not confined to one group. While agreeing with the universality of self-development, the Black variable is unique and demands specialization.

My autonomy angers some who refuse to acknowledge merit in someone like me. That is a gloomy fact whose silver lining is such economic visciousness isn’t absolute. A few in the marketplace welcomed me on my own terms, rewarding content and concepts I created.

The media and community embedding generated by my ” Cap Black ” safety creation brand name wouldn’t have happened if I waited to be hired to do this advocacy. Nobody let me be ” Cap Black ” and whether the new administration helps or hinders American Blacks, the final vote on who you are is yours alone. Protest if you must, but develop yourself at all costs. Even when ignored, you still must create in spite of exclusion. –

Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black, Creator, #CapBlackStreetPatrol: Walking escorts & victim advocacy. 504 214-3082.

The Simplicity of Safety


With an idea; a laptop; cell phone; lots of sidewalk time creating safety and a few super people, I created a humanitarian brand ” Cap Black Street Patrol ” to community build coalitions against street crime and homelessness in real time. I don’t do perpetual paralysis of analysis.

No one needed to attend lengthy academies nor does a big budget fund it. My premise is that the public can secure itself and help the needy with as little effort as simply taking a step forward to do so. Credentials, certifications and other time consuming practices often demotivate citizens and program us to rely upon often arrogant handfuls of professionals.

The simplicity of safety, especially in our uncertain time, says there’s hope that violence and need are within our power to address. I do it daily, alongside super people without badges or titles, except for the Street Patrol names I give them; open minds and big hearts.

That’s all that’s needed to create safety where none may exist.

-Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black, RLSH. #CapBlackStreetPatrol creator. 504 214-3082. *Walking escorts* *Victim advocacy

I’m Not a Superhero: I Play One in Real Life #CapBlack #RLSH.


I’m Not a Superhero: I Play One in Real Life.

In honor of Wizard World’s New Orleans Comic Con this weekend, I share the following reflections: Let the record reflect that I don’t have wealth like Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark. While brown, I’m not a Man of Bronze like Doc Savage ( soon to be portrayed by Dwayne ” the Rock ” Johnson ). While imaginative, I’ve yet to have Buckaroo Banzai’s adventures across the Eighth Dimension.

I am, however, an advocate whom heroic fiction has inspired to do creative crime prevention; homeless outreach and victim advocacy for years. My volunteer group, Cap Black Street Patrol, joins me in walking women to their cars; deterring trouble makers and supporting crime victims feeling lost in the shuffle.

Far from an escape from reality, heroic fiction inspires me to energetically engage reality.

Happy Comic Con 2017!

-Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black, RLSH: real life superhero for folks feeling like zeroes. 504 214-3082