#RLSH & Regular Together


#RLSH ( acronym for real life Superhero advocacy ) who are comfortable with normal people ( like I am with #BroAlMims in this picture, lol ) should embed yourselfwith neighborhood associations; regular activists and community groups which could use our #Super to get more things done.

It’s great that many of us are the Lone Stranger who does good deeds and leaves and fine some form fantastic fellowships but we also ( in my humble opinion ) need RLSH to work with; follow or even lead everyday concerned citizens too.

I’m involved with a number of organizations and institutions, including the New Orleans Healing Center Faubourg St Roch Improvement Association as its Vice President and Steering Committee membership for Making Connections Black Male Mental Health Initiative.

RLSH and regular, we’re in this together and should form a united front whenever possible.



Refuge Nola Delivers Breakfast


Breakfast for Overnight Shelter attendees provided today by Pastor Justin Haynes of Refuge Nola Church.

Tonight is the last night I’ll do the Overnight Shelter ( if General Winter retreats this weekend ) 11pm-sunrise, at the New Orleans Healing Center.

#CapBlackRLSH on site all nite. 🙂

Dog Watch on Christmas Eve.

Dog Watch on Christmas Eve:

Followed up on a friend’s suggestion to do what I call a Dog Watch ( patrol under the guise of accompanying a dog owner and canine ) last night. The three of us strolled around the Marigny neighborhood.

Toward the end of our walk, a suspicious man approached us on Port St and asked where was a street literally two blocks away and around the corner. He then went back to the car he stood beside and put his head on its roof.

Dog watches are a low key, non- confrontational way to keep an eye out without drawing attention to yourself.

#CapBlackRLSH #CapBlackStreetPatrol. I’ll bring this up to the #NolaRonin to add to our efforts.

Creating Safety Together


This mosaic speaks volumes about what it means when I say, ” Let’s create safety together. ”

Safety is for all, not some, to enjoy.  It shouldn’t be limited via government or corporate rationing.

Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black is founder of the volunteer Cap Black Street Patrol.

504 214 3082.

The Color of a Predator


The recent arrest-and quick release-of the predator who abused Kristen Crain has social justice advocates asking whether his being White explains this development?

I’d like to think such racist reasoning is no longer as active as it frankly was during my childhood. The thought that a ” man ” preying on women is anxiously turned loose after being surrounded by majority Black inmates doesn’t speak well for a city priding itself on progressive credentials. That’s the impression spreading in skeptical minds.

My support of police and prosecutors is always balanced by advocacy for victims whom elements in the criminal justice system underserve.

It is this dual concern which makes me raise suspicions of those who aren’t overly trusting of local law enforcement and prosecution. These skeptics represent a vocal percentage of New Orleans body politic.

I’d hate to see such bias happen to ” Warrior Woman,” as I call her, or any woman, because of the color of this predator. That impression rolls the clock of public confidence backward instead of forward.

Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black is creator of the Cap Black Street Patrol. *Walking escorts* *Victim advocacy* 504 214 3082.

Funding #CapBlack #RLSH’s Fight


My Cap Black Street Patrol is a self funded, volunteer fellowship I created to deter street crime and involve people in creating easily accessible safety.

Primarily, I offer walking escorts to women in targeted areas. I also patrol streets ( and watch locations ) where repeated crime occurs, networking with victims, witnesses and other stakeholders.

Lastly, I advocate on behalf of victims who feel their cases have fallen through the cracks. This is done by contacting appointed and elected officials, in addition to media and other advocates.

People occasionally ask how can they contribute money to my calling. Here’s how:



Mail a check or money order to: Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black P.O. Box 15585, New Orleans La. 70115.

I fund my fight through what I earn. Your support means I can fight in bigger, better ways. Lets create safety together.

Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black, Creator, Cap Black Street Patrol. 504 214 3082.

Women’s Right to Safety


Daily assault targeting women and New Orleans impending Mardi Gras make this a perfect time to assert women’s right of safety.

This ceases being an abstract moral exercise when you listen to victims and ladies wary of leaving their homes.

Predators haven’t gotten the memo that women aren’t their personal clay pigeons. It’s up to the rest of society to send this message in no uncertain terms, verbally and literally, at work and play.

We must walk together; bike ride beside each other and promote women’s right of safety with the same zeal as other human rights causes.

Anything less means we accept this carnage as the cost of being born female- as bigoted a notion as any Americans have faced.

Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black, Creator of the Cap Black Street Patrol, whose volunteers walk women to their cars and advocate on behalf of crime victims.

504 214-3082.