White Conservative Radio Host Thinks My Black Life Matters; Unlike Liberal Mayor Micro Managing Police in New Orleans.



Unity emerges in a time of protracted pigmentary and political polarization. This post isn’t intended to tear down liberals nor build up conservatives. My coalition is not partisan and not limited by ideology. I’m highlighting the good that happens after consensus is reached:

Let the record reflect and the herald angels sing that WGSO host Jeff Crouere, of AM 990 in New Orleans, was the ONLY local media outlet to cover New Orleans Police Department ( NOPD ) 5th Districts clear message that my Black life doesn’t matter, after a death threat Wednesday by a crazed person I’ve repeatedly emailed their commander about- a photo and where suspect stays, included.

In the name of not being able to tell good guys from bad, classic bigotry of low expectations, and ignoring safety advocates from urban areas, the NOPD 5th District commander offered yet another reminder why liberal-led police departments are public safety failures.

So let the irony sink in that the only media outlet in the real life Gotham City which is progressive New Orleans that thought my safety creating Black life mattered is Jeff Crouere’s Ringside Politics With a Punch radio show.

How’s that for a Black History Month moment?

Please listen to the exclusive interview:



#CapBlack, Quick #RLSH Origin


#CapBlackRLSH, Real Life Superhero for Folks Feeling Like Zeroes, was created in 2008, by Nadra Enzi.

It is superhero inspired safety advocacy ( SISA ), not escapist fantasy. There’s nothing wrong with fantasy but everything right in living a life fantastic by creating safety with like minds; sharing supply with the homeless and promoting self development! πŸ™‚

Special inspiration is drawn from old school pulp novel heroes like Doc Savage; film noir detectives and old school comic book mystery men.

#FindUrSuper ( unique Potential and helping others ). Fiction can inspire, but the rest is ALWAYS up to you!

Podcast: Jeff Crouere’s Interview with #CapBlackRLSH Why the #NOPD 5th District Doesn’t Think His Safety Creating Black Life Matters

Podcast: Jeff Crouere’s Interview with #CapBlackRLSH Why the #NOPD 5th District Doesn’t Think His Safety Creating Black Life Matters

My Black Life Doesn’t Matter to the #NOPD 5th District, Says #CapBlackRLSH.



A crazed young man who threatened my life last year at my job did so again. The Nrw Orleans Police Department ( NOPD ) 5th District was called by the building manager and of course they didn’t show up- even after another co-worker called too.

I have identified where this powderkeg of a public safety threat sleeps ( on the sidewalk of the Family Dollar where I shop, on Franklin Ave ). The 5th District Commander has this information but as expected, has done nothing.

He’s being allowed to run loose and will harm someone- a totally avoidable tragedy if this District had done its job.

Therefore, I state the following: if this crazed young man approaches me again in the same loud, threatening manner, I will use DEADLY force to defend myself.

My productive Black life doesn’t matter to the NOPD 5th District, but it does to me!

This video is my closing comment:


Nadra Enzi,
#CapBlackRLSH Real Life Superhero for Folks Feeling Like Zeroes

Don’t Accept Human Suffering!


I can’t do nothing in the face of persistent human need- regardless of why it exists!

Self inflicted suffering provides context but ( for me at least ) doesn’t disincentivize assisting except in extreme cases where manipulation and disceit are discovered.

Much of what is called self medication in the past would have been written off as self inflicted harm. Abuse of legal and illegal substances point toward unseen and unresolved issues within a person’s psyche. Knowing that, can a compassionate person simply walk by and conclude whatever degree of hunger and homelessness such persons experience is acceptable?

I don’t accept human suffering as a given and understand that the little I do to address it accomplishes infinitely more than doing nothing.


I’m not a #Superhero but am Inspired by Them!


While an active member of the real-life Superhero ( RLSH ) community, costume optional division ( lol ), I do not consider myself a hero. Street fights broken up; rowdy people removedIMG_20171004_164551.jpg; homeless outreachIMG_20180209_120814 done; accoladesIMG_20171214_190920Β and random acts of kindness shared are part of a life style anyone can experience if they’re willing to pay attention to unmet needs.

When someone is kind enough to refer to me as as a hero, I often respond, ” No. I’m inspired by heroes. ” As a neologism and acronym creator, the term ” SISA ” or superhero inspired safety advocate, came to mind after contemplation. I’m always looking at how to better define what I and others do.

Despite having a very active imagination, I know that I’m not a superhero; I’m a safety advocate inspired by them…and I’m not the only one. πŸ™‚

#CapBlackRLSHΒ #SISA ( superhero inspired safety advocate ).