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April 11th, 2018 😉





#RLSH & Regular Together


#RLSH ( acronym for real life Superhero advocacy ) who are comfortable with normal people ( like I am with #BroAlMims in this picture, lol ) should embed yourselfwith neighborhood associations; regular activists and community groups which could use our #Super to get more things done.

It’s great that many of us are the Lone Stranger who does good deeds and leaves and fine some form fantastic fellowships but we also ( in my humble opinion ) need RLSH to work with; follow or even lead everyday concerned citizens too.

I’m involved with a number of organizations and institutions, including the New Orleans Healing Center Faubourg St Roch Improvement Association as its Vice President and Steering Committee membership for Making Connections Black Male Mental Health Initiative.

RLSH and regular, we’re in this together and should form a united front whenever possible.


St Roch/St Claude Peace Rally & March

CONTACT: Cap Black
2018 Peace Rally & March
504.214.3082 marketing@neworleanshealingcenter.org

We need you!

St. Roch/St. Claude Peace Rally & March
Striding for Solidarity

When: Saturday, March 10, 2018 from 9:00-10:30am

Where: Gather/Rally at St. Roch Park and walk to New Orleans Healing Centera-healing-center
and The Sacred Music Festival

What: Unite our neighborhood in a rally and march promoting peace, understanding and faith in a unified and collective neighborhood. Join your neighbors in celebrating speakers, dances, ceremonies, testimonies and prayers from all beliefs and backgrounds to show solidarity in promoting a peaceful community. Afterwards, the community will promote tolerance on the streets by having a Peace Walk to The New Orleans Sacred Music Festival where the crowd will enjoy a free festival of over twenty various performers of all faiths and backgrounds.

Why: Help answer the question if faith can save New Orleans. Now more than ever, the community needs to unite with members of all faiths, races, ethnicities, beliefs, genders, and sexualities to unite the St. Roch/St. Claude community in solidarity.

We Need You! Interested community groups looking to help unite the community with peace and unity within our community.

#SuperheroSleepOut Update


On Thursday, November 16,2017, my chaplin Brother Al Mims and I slept outside Spotted Cat Food and Spirits as part of Covenant House annual Sleep Out America fundraiser

Two hundred ninety five dollars was donated to Covenant House from my Sleep Out America page and I thank all donors!

Brother Richard, a homeless gent I assist, checked on us through the night and Lucci, another member of our group, joined us a couple hours before sunrise.

I enjoyed the Sleep Out and may incorporate it into my ongoing outreach efforts. We hit the streets and the internet with our advocacy and may need to sleep out more often too.

Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black.

#HeroWeen2017 Update


My #HeroWeen2017 Fish Fry & Costume Party Tuesday night was successful.

Thank you to Spotted Cat Food and Spirits for the venue and all who gave canned goods and clothing for the value.

New Hope Baptist Church in New Orleans Central City area received what we collected for distribution through their food bank and clothing closet.

Sharing supply is the fantastic flipside of creating safety.


Security Illiteracy


A painful truth for many in what we call a civilized society is stubborn security illiteracy of many otherwise competent decision makers. By security illiterate, I don’t mean they lack credentials and certifications whose only use after failure to create safety is as improvised bandages. That’s not the illiteracy I reference.

Security illiteracy is willful refusal to personally or collectively take steps to deter proven threats around you. Alot of business owners fall into this category by ignoring persistent theft or even violent crime due to fear of having to spend money to combat it. I’ve seen club owners unconcerned about whether patrons dance through a gauntlet of known risk to buy drinks. So long as they made it to the bar, that was their only concern.

I recall one venue whose paralysis of analysis was so severe that local criminals robbed patrons like clockwork for years, confident nothing would be done. This made vendors feel like hostages, which they were.

Safety creation is not confined to the few in law enforcement and private security. Crime is too prevalent for the public to play the role of passive consumer. If a space you work in or frequent is run by security illiterates, don’t let their illiteracy produce your injury.

Create your own safety without apology!

Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black is creator of the Cap Black Street Patrol.
Walking escorts-victim advocacy & #SafeFunCompanion. 

504 214-3082.

Funding #CapBlack #RLSH’s Fight


My Cap Black Street Patrol is a self funded, volunteer fellowship I created to deter street crime and involve people in creating easily accessible safety.

Primarily, I offer walking escorts to women in targeted areas. I also patrol streets ( and watch locations ) where repeated crime occurs, networking with victims, witnesses and other stakeholders.

Lastly, I advocate on behalf of victims who feel their cases have fallen through the cracks. This is done by contacting appointed and elected officials, in addition to media and other advocates.

People occasionally ask how can they contribute money to my calling. Here’s how:



Mail a check or money order to: Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black P.O. Box 15585, New Orleans La. 70115.

I fund my fight through what I earn. Your support means I can fight in bigger, better ways. Lets create safety together.

Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black, Creator, Cap Black Street Patrol. 504 214 3082.