#CapBlackRLSH part of Interview about Thursday Armed Robbery Spree




#CapBlackRLSH is My Liberty & Liberation Statement

#CapBlackRLSH is my liberty & statement:

I’m free to create safety with like minds.
I’m free to share supply via homeless outreach and random acts of kindness ( #RAK #RAOK ).
Im free to develop my #Super ( unique Potential and helping others ) in as many ways as I can.

Im free to do these and ALL things because I’m FREE!


#ResurrectUrSuper; an #Easter Message from #CapBlackRLSH #theBrownWonder


Today, for those who believe, the Ultimate Super Hero ( Yeshua or Jesus or Christ ) defeated Death Itself and by extension, the corrupt government which ordered his execution, and all corrupt governments, by rising from the dead.

Non believers in His divinity who are touched by His example, draw solace from His teachings as ethical, secular citizens also facing unethical secular challenges centuries later.

Triumph over betrayal and evil schemes is a universal epic worth telling and re-telling.

I’m not a preacher, like Justin Haynes or my Super Brother Justin T. McGeorge. I’m merely a Brother who believes in #Super ( unique Potential and helping others ) in all its forms and traditions.

#ResurrectUrSuper from the grave of Doubt and evil designs. 🙂


For My Birthday, Donate to Dark Guardian!


My Birthday is Wednesday, April 11.

Instead of monetary gifts, please donate to my Brother in #Super Christopher Pollack Vascellero aka Dark Guardians GoFundMe page! He’s one of my real life superhero ( RLSH ) inspirations and has paid the price for 15 years creatively helping others.

#CapBlackBirthdayBash2018: Social Justice & Socializing, on Wednesday, April 11.

Wednesday, April 11th at 8pm Central:

Free Crawfish Boil. Cash bar.

At: Spotted Cat Food and Spirits

2372 St Claude Ave, on the corner of St Claude and St Roch, New Orleans.

Speaker: Darlene Marcello, Executive Director of the New Orleans Healing Center.

Live Entertainment by Paul Sanchez.

Topic: Socializing and Social Justice.

Here’s what I’ll be doing throughout the day of my Birthday Bash! 🙂

#CapBlackRLSH52DollarBirthdayGiveaway #CapBlackRLSH #CapBlackStreetPatrol #RAK #RAOK #randomactsofkindness #homelessoutreach



504 214 3082.

Peace Walk Promo Video.

#CapBlackRLSH 2018 Peace Walk Organizer for the Sacred Music Festival at the New Orleans Healing Center.


#CapBlackRLSH Saw Black Panther Tonight.

Saw Black Panther tonight.

It wasn’t an African epiphany for me, but I was struck by the beauty and dignity of its main actors and supporting cast.

Wakandas isolation stance was logical in a world, even with super technology and super beings, where being Black meant living under the rule of others. The logic is reflected in other Marvel Earth regimes like where the Inhumans live; among others and in Israel’s choice to wall itself off in World War Z. Clearly Colonialism, to the five free tribes of Wakanda, was at least as terrifying as hordes of rampaging zombies. A Western conceit is that we welcome being managed by others as if being done a favor.

The movie fit neatly into the context of a world coming to terms with super technology and super beings as part of everyday life, politics and now race relations included.

I hope King TChalla doesn’t regret revealing his nations paradigm changing treasure trove. Now enemies human and otherwise will beat a destructive path to his door to take Wakandas Vibranium for themselves.

All in all, a solid superhero movie with the added benefit of showing Black people in something other than secondary roles.