#CapBlack, Quick #RLSH Origin


#CapBlackRLSH, Real Life Superhero for Folks Feeling Like Zeroes, was created in 2008, by Nadra Enzi.

It is superhero inspired safety advocacy ( SISA ), not escapist fantasy. There’s nothing wrong with fantasy but everything right in living a life fantastic by creating safety with like minds; sharing supply with the homeless and promoting self development! πŸ™‚

Special inspiration is drawn from old school pulp novel heroes like Doc Savage; film noir detectives and old school comic book mystery men.

#FindUrSuper ( unique Potential and helping others ). Fiction can inspire, but the rest is ALWAYS up to you!


Second class Safety is No Safety At All


There is a policing presumption, conscious in some; not so in others; that Black citizens should accept having our safety concerns ignored or ritually explained away as insignificant. I’ve body slammed this attitude for decades as a safety advocate who happens to be Black and living in urban areas held hostage by crime.

This concern, being Black and actually wanting police to arrest suspects, especially runs afoul of the current narrative that any enforcement action is akin to latter day slave patrols on a plantation or 21st century versions of the Emmett Till lynching.

Black Lives Matter and compliant government leaders, unintentionally or otherwise, have essentially reduced many municipal departments to becoming spectators of the violence and disorder ironically making inner cities free fire zones for homegrown goons and gangs, not invading insurgents from distant suburbs and Alt Right groups. Conversely, I understand historic concerns regarding officers criminalizing Black citizens for simply venturing outside their homes. As a Generation X brother, I experienced Jim Crow influenced policing in my southeast Georgia hometown. I also experienced the destruction of stable Black communities when the Crack Cocaine Era began.

However, crisis level crime and disorder in the Post Crack Cocaine Era Black community place a strategic premium on Black voices who oppose it. Otherwise, as I always warn and frankly welcome, military solutions ( long term National Guard deployment ) become the only solutions.

Against this dire backdrop, police executives and officers who dismiss concerns and evidence of Black safety advocates and concerned citizens doom not just these people to severe absence of basic safety, but also endanger officers working in these communities. When it’s common knowledge that complaints are ignored and calls for service go unanswered, career criminals control those areas-period. And areas career criminals control aren’t idyllic AfroFuturist oasis like Wakanda in the recent Black Panther movie. Far from it.

Second class safety, where police departments ignore or downgrade urban calls for service, isn’t safe at all… for these communities and cops alike.

Safety creating Black Lives matter, too.

Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black is a safety advocate in the real life Gotham City of New Orleans.

Don’t Accept Human Suffering!


I can’t do nothing in the face of persistent human need- regardless of why it exists!

Self inflicted suffering provides context but ( for me at least ) doesn’t disincentivize assisting except in extreme cases where manipulation and disceit are discovered.

Much of what is called self medication in the past would have been written off as self inflicted harm. Abuse of legal and illegal substances point toward unseen and unresolved issues within a person’s psyche. Knowing that, can a compassionate person simply walk by and conclude whatever degree of hunger and homelessness such persons experience is acceptable?

I don’t accept human suffering as a given and understand that the little I do to address it accomplishes infinitely more than doing nothing.


I’m not a #Superhero but am Inspired by Them!


While an active member of the real-life Superhero ( RLSH ) community, costume optional division ( lol ), I do not consider myself a hero. Street fights broken up; rowdy people removedIMG_20171004_164551.jpg; homeless outreachIMG_20180209_120814 done; accoladesIMG_20171214_190920Β and random acts of kindness shared are part of a life style anyone can experience if they’re willing to pay attention to unmet needs.

When someone is kind enough to refer to me as as a hero, I often respond, ” No. I’m inspired by heroes. ” As a neologism and acronym creator, the term ” SISA ” or superhero inspired safety advocate, came to mind after contemplation. I’m always looking at how to better define what I and others do.

Despite having a very active imagination, I know that I’m not a superhero; I’m a safety advocate inspired by them…and I’m not the only one. πŸ™‚

#CapBlackRLSHΒ #SISA ( superhero inspired safety advocate ).

Four Ways to Save the Day


The essence of my advocacy is very simple: Create safety ( street patrol and victim support ); share supply ( homeless outreach); generate justice ( exposing wrongdoing ) and self development ( motivation plus action )- not always in that order but always how my effort is ordered..

Ideological argument or partisan set tripping are profound wastes of time which could otherwise be spent changing outcomes for the better around us.

As a #superrights person, I promote legislating better outcomes beside like minds on the streets, instead of awaiting elites in distant suites.

These are my four ways to save the day.


#StarveHunger: Help the Homeless Eat Daily


#StarveHunger is my approach to combating food security needs among the homeless in my area. I can’t accept that people should be hungry while literally surrounded by food.

Here are a few of my #starvehunger methods, none of which require having as much money as the government SNAP program or big nonprofit food pantries:

*Fast food franchise dollar and bargain menusIMG_20180208_141545 are a quick resource working class hunger starvers can use to feed folks. You don’t have to go broke filling someone’s stomach and they don’t have to go hungry: a win-win situation in my book.

*Convenience stores where you can get multiple ( between 10-20 ) pieces of chicken or fish for under $15. Hot comfort food on a cold night goes a long way in boosting morale that would otherwise plummet. Please consider how would it feel if you were hungry and someone showed up with a party pack and feeding you was the party?

*Dollar themed supermarkets and supercenters like Sam’s; Walmart or Costco offer bulk supplies at lower rates allowing you to prepare meals at home or work to give out en masse to the homeless.

Most hunger starvers aren’t wealthy but don’t allow modest means to keep them from helping those who really need assistance.

You don’t have to be rich to starve hunger, but doing it makes you feel like a million bucks!

Let’s starve hunger and help the homeless eat daily! πŸ™‚





Help Dark Guardian Help Others

Dark Guardian

His story speaks for itself.