Creating Healing Center Safety


Since late November, I have created safety alongside a surprisingly supportive community of business owners, staff and patrons at the New Orleans Healing Center. A little more canvassing has included area establishments hit by violent kids; an online group providing updates and the neighborhood association.

This wasn’t a job for traditional approaches like using private or police officers. It definitely isn’t a job for reservists from our discredited Sheriffs office being pushed by a shady board member to ( unethically and illegally ) replace me. This was a job for a safety creator, someone who could be the lead figure in encouraging collective awareness and responsibility everywhere, my CARE model.

I am a safety creator. While my advocacy involves private security and police as part of its coalition, I primarily mobilize the public because it is our largest and least engaged resource. Citizens ultimately decide how safe they are, not others rationing safety on installment plans.

Creating safety at the New Orleans Healing Center has been, minus the shady board member’s scheming, a daily celebration of safety creation in one of the least safe cities in the nation.

Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black is the creator of the Cap Black Street Patrol, whose volunteers offer walking escorts and victim advocacy. 504 214 3082.


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