I recently became aware, through social media, of a rape survivor whose ( serial ) abuser has yet to be arrested despite her naming him; undergoing a sexual assault examination and pointing out his home to police officers.

I wish I could tell you this was the plot of an upcoming episode of Law and Order: SVU. Sadly, it’s a real life case torn from the New Orleans spin doctors try to gloss over with food, festivities and fun.

My role is simple: join this voice for the voiceless who broke the bonds of her pain to ask why this predator hasn’t been arrested? I support police and prosecutors but also support victims overlooked or even ignored by some in the system. 

Women in this city run a gauntlet where sexual assault may come from men they know or strangers. Silence when one falls prey to this gauntlet means condoning its ugly existence. Justice for Kristen Crain means we are a civilized society, even if victims and advocates have to prod the powers that be to act like it.

Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black, Creator of the Cap Black Street Patrol. *Walking Escorts* *Victim Advocacy* 504 214 3082.


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