The Simplicity of Safety


With an idea; a laptop; cell phone; lots of sidewalk time creating safety and a few super people, I created a humanitarian brand ” Cap Black Street Patrol ” to community build coalitions against street crime and homelessness in real time. I don’t do perpetual paralysis of analysis.

No one needed to attend lengthy academies nor does a big budget fund it. My premise is that the public can secure itself and help the needy with as little effort as simply taking a step forward to do so. Credentials, certifications and other time consuming practices often demotivate citizens and program us to rely upon often arrogant handfuls of professionals.

The simplicity of safety, especially in our uncertain time, says there’s hope that violence and need are within our power to address. I do it daily, alongside super people without badges or titles, except for the Street Patrol names I give them; open minds and big hearts.

That’s all that’s needed to create safety where none may exist.

-Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black, RLSH. #CapBlackStreetPatrol creator. 504 214-3082. *Walking escorts* *Victim advocacy


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