I’m Not a Superhero: I Play One in Real Life #CapBlack #RLSH.


I’m Not a Superhero: I Play One in Real Life.

In honor of Wizard World’s New Orleans Comic Con this weekend, I share the following reflections: Let the record reflect that I don’t have wealth like Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark. While brown, I’m not a Man of Bronze like Doc Savage ( soon to be portrayed by Dwayne ” the Rock ” Johnson ). While imaginative, I’ve yet to have Buckaroo Banzai’s adventures across the Eighth Dimension.

I am, however, an advocate whom heroic fiction has inspired to do creative crime prevention; homeless outreach and victim advocacy for years. My volunteer group, Cap Black Street Patrol, joins me in walking women to their cars; deterring trouble makers and supporting crime victims feeling lost in the shuffle.

Far from an escape from reality, heroic fiction inspires me to energetically engage reality.

Happy Comic Con 2017!

-Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black, RLSH: real life superhero for folks feeling like zeroes. 504 214-3082



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