Standing Around Doing Something.


Public space is just that- space belonging to the public! When bullies and batterers beat victims in parking lots, on bicycles, streets and sidewalks society is bruised too. Street crime is taken with a shrug as a painful tax targets can’t avoid paying. People, often women, casually become imprisoned by not going outside upon hearing suspected voices or riding bikes on unsafe streets. A walk to a nearby store causes paralyzing fear. This is what passes for life in violence plagued areas.

The cure for capitulation is standing around doing something as opposed to nothing. I adopted the New Orleans Healing Center ( and it me 🙂 ) where I-along with others-stand around doing something, ranging from walking escorts; encouraging victims and deterring would-be aggressors.

In December 2016, I performed 118.30 volunteer hours at this building in response to assaults targeting area women. Standing around doing something represents the public reclaiming public spaces lawfully and without bias.

Try it- it’ll change your life.

-Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black, RLSH: real life superhero for folks feeling like zeroes. Creator, Cap Black Street Patrol 504 214 3082. *Walking escorts* *Victim advocacy*



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