Street-level Victim Advocacy.


Individually and with my Street Patrol, I encourage crime victims who are less than enthused with police to file reports. This often occurs after business hours and far removed from comfy offices where public interest lawyers and conventional non-profits do their work. I’m not knocking them in the least. I’m illustrating the advantage of ” bringing the office to the streets ” as I term it.

Comforting and conjoling angry, often disoriented crime victims is where hitting the pavement intersects with the criminal justice system. Myself and Street Patrol member Mac Man recently did this with a victim, struck by a large rock, who said repeatedly he didn’t want to talk to police. I kept telling him his juvenile attackers actively target single women in the area, which I’ve labeled, ” Targeted Marigny. “

I appealed to his inner protector to make a report in order to spare women the same ordeal. That’s the value of sidewalk outreach, where safety advocates meet people where they’re at- instead of visa versa. Cases like this highlight the absolute necessity of street-level victim advocacy.

-Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black, RLSH: real life superhero for folks feeling like zeroes. Cap Black Street Patrol creator. 504 214-3082. *Walking escorts* *Victim advocacy*


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