Three Ways to Safeguard the Marigny.

Violent ambushes of women by kids not even old enough to shave are the noxious norm in New Orleans targeted Marigny area, among others. Particularly troubling is the fact that hostility, not robbery, is a feature of these ambushes. Intimidation is clearly their driving force.

A ” see no evil ” policy pervades from elected and appointed powers-that-be, in no small measure due to thorny issues of ethnicity; politics and a federal consent decree.

Citizens and private professionals will end ambushes along these lines:

1. Women begin walking in pairs, in earnest, as advised by NOPD. Male family and friends make extra effort to accompany female family and friends. They can avail themselves of approaches like my Street Patrol, which offers walking escorts or create their own groups to secure pedestrians.

2. Marigny residents and businesses must lobby state legislators to craft a self taxing security district to hire a private security company to patrol the community. Pinnacle Security and Investigations, which only employs retired and off duty law enforcement, offers police competency, proximity ( and special officer arrest powers ) to areas sorely in need of them.

3. Marigny stakeholders and allies should push city council to extend the 8pm French Quarter juvenile curfew to their area and the neighboring Bywater community. This creates probable cause to detain youth on the streets after sundown and place them under protective supervision until signed out by a parent or guardian.

These brief safety recommendations, born from people closest to the problem, constitute three ways to safeguard the Marigny. They aren’t the only ones but have the advantage of quick implementation and community ownership.

Otherwise, ambushes and anxiety continue to mount.

– Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black, RLSH. #CapBlackStreetPatrol creator. Call 504 214-3082 if you need a walking escort. 


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