Creating Safety or Insecurity


Our action and inaction creates safety or insecurity. When working with someone to assess his or her comfort zone, understand the definition of safety varies. One safety creator I met yesterday while doing my Street Patrol’s VIP ( Volunteers in Prevention at the New Orleans Healing Center ) has a concealed carry license and takes Krav Maga, the Israeli martial art, once a week. Many may not define safety so tactically so understanding individual boundaries is paramount.

That said, I must commend her for an atypical focus on tactical solutions. Most comfort zones I encounter stop at practicing such an aggressive art as Krav Maga or carrying a concealed fire arm. Thus far, most people I meet are comfortable with being escorted; heightening street awareness and getting incident updates via New Orleans social media groups like Bywater/Marigny Eyes and Ears or St Roch League of Non-Aligned Residents.

There is no one way of safety creation better than another, there is only what suits individual in question.

My approach is creative advocacy which hits media; the streets and select spaces for free. This began as my ” 1 Man Street Patrol ”  and evolved into my Cap Black Street Patrol with members who walk with me.  Providing a presence and mobilizing others to do the same, ala my suggested Neighborhood Walk for active residents, sums up my contribution.

We create safety or insecurity by our action or inaction. I prefer the former.

Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black, RLSH: real life superhero for folks feeling like zeroes!

*Donate* if you believe in creating safety together instead of awaiting rationing from government.

#IUniteWithBlue Tour Creator. 


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