Street Patrol 11/26/16


Street Patrol ( November 26th, 2016: 2pm-8pm ):

Great day today talking to residents in New Orleans targeted Marigny and St. Roch areas. Went to site of attack last week and tracked down leads on the ” Marigny Five ” bicycle assailants. Also talked with a recent Marigny crime victim to offer free escort services.

People are eager to stop frankly overwhelming crime. They know who is doing it but don’t know when it’ll be stopped! Also, gave a $ Super Power note and bagged lunch to two homeless people as we made our rounds.

*Special thanks to Mac Man for hitting the pavement with me.*

-Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black, RLSH. *Call 504 214-3082 if you want us to walk with you OR if you’d like to walk with us!* :). #CapBlackStreetPatrol. 

.*Donate* if you believe in creating safety together instead of awaiting rationing from government.

#IUniteWithBlue Tour Creator. 


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