Thankfulness Amid Thanklessness


America’s bounty leads rich and poor to expect favorable outcomes as the norm. Possibility thinkers and prosperity preachers pronouncements aside, favorable outcomes aren’t always normal when one deals with others.

Conflicting agendas; contrasting outlooks or honest mistakes can deny desired goals. America has maintained a bumpy balance of all of the above which allows admittedly unequal access to largesse, while elsewhere it’s not even worth the effort to dream of favorable outcomes.

This unequal access is hotly debated and maliciously prosecuted on the streets by ingrates who could turn their energies toward actualization and productivity, instead of agitation and protest.

My thankfulness amid thanklessness rests in the conclusion that production can, after many moons, yield favorable outcomes. The fact that such a system exists to enable results, however unequal its access, is something to be thankful about as people are crushed by systems globally that end lives without hesitation. Lets be thankful we don’t live beneath such crushing systems, despite how much we grumble. Happy Thanksgiving 2016.

-Nadra Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black, RLSH: real life superhero for folks feeling like zeroes

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