The Worst Crime is Not Caring


I’m anti-violent crime down to the deepest part of my soul! While gangs and goons earn special ire, I equally combat inner city indifference. People asleep on the sidewalk, eating out of trash cans and asking for money outside convenience stores are our montage of misery. This is the backdrop navigated daily by people written off to this environment.

I urge stakeholders to rewrite the script and institute sharing supply where it’s needed.

Beyond the doorway of distant government and corporate offices is the need we’re best positioned to address. Drive-by shootings, innocent victims of crossfire and gunfire too close for comfort in the Hood are bad enough. Not caring is an even worse crime because inaction promises even more suffering in urban areas which simply can’t afford it.

Lets share supply!

-Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black, RLSH ( Real Life Superhero ): Creative crime prevention/ random acts of kindness advocate. My Street Patrol surprises folks with $ super power notes containing cash!


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