#MicroGood is Good Enough!


I warn people they don’t have to wait until sudden wealth to help others. Dollar menu burgers or a few bucks slipped into a Cap Black RLSH note for street delivery meet needs far removed from service providers offices.

Few givers have the equivalent of a federal department budget or United Way funded private agency on their debit card. All givers have resources and a zeal to share them- no matter how much or how little.

It would be great to have money enough to make food, shelter and clothing rain down on the needy like manna from heaven. Micro good, giving within limited means, is good enough.

Please do it :).

-Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black, RLSH  & RAKtivist. @nadraenzi on twitter.

*Donate* if you believe in creating safety together instead of awaiting rationing from government.

#IUniteWithBlue Tour Creator.

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