Dark Guardian is Now a Guardian Angel


New York’s Dark Guardian┬áis a standard bearer for real life superheroes ( RLSH ) and more conventional citizens on patrol. His video recorded interventions against drug dealers and big heart on the streets should be considered best practices by more safety patrol-minded folks.

He’s recently joined the Guardian Angels, which set the global standard for citizen patrols. This decision represents a natural progression for RLSH. Years ago I wrote that real life superheroes should join conventional citizen patrols or start ones comprised of RLSH and more mainstream advocates.

Dark Guardian has taken this step forward and in so doing underscores the tactical necessity for RLSH to embed ourselves into the larger community. Embedding increases the number of folks hitting the pavement to change urban decay and crime.

Real life superheroes and conventional citizen patrols have alot in common, as evidenced by the fact Dark Guardian is now a Guardian Angel- a world class win-win for all involved!

Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black RLSH. @nadraenzi on twitter.












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