Random Acts of Kindness Are Super!


Back before I heard the term, ” real life superhero ( RLSH ), ” random acts of kindness or RAK inspired me- and still do. Pleasantly surprising somebody bridges the cosmic gulf between strangers.

The high felt after doing RAK is highly recommended. It lifts you out of the ordinary and places you on hallowed ground trod by saints and prophets.

I actively research random actors of kindness, both individual and group, to experience the sweet euphoria of sudden good. Secret Santa stories and tales of anonymous layaway payers strike a deep chord given how tight money is for millions.

RAK is a way to produce smiles-and tears-by doing something which changes a day or even lives. Random acts of kindness demonstrate the literally magical power of sudden good.

Nominating deserving people for awards or news coverage is a RAK I do to this day. Good samaritans, worthy causes and friends have been recipients. Bro Al Mims, New Orleans #1 crime fighter & mentor, got an Everyday Hero newspaper feature and proclamations from city council and Louisiana’s governor based on this favorite random act of kindness.

I also felt sudden good’s power last night when I dropped off a notea-cap-black-ras-note

with $5.00 inside it beside a sleeping homeless man, who rapidly awakened. He asked me what was in it and I happly replied, ” Open it and see, brother. ” Random acts of kindness are super and much needed these days! Please add them to your To Do list. :).

-Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black, RLSH and RAKtavist. @nadraenzi on twitter.

*Donate* if you believe in creating safety together instead of awaiting rationing from government.

#IUniteWithBlue Tour Creator.

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