Dawn of the RLSHA!


As a politically active member of the real life superhero ( RLSH ) movement, I wonder if a new acronym is needed to illustrate it? I meet with elected officials and involve my Cap Black brand name in political causes. Perhaps RLSHA, real life superhero advocate, encapsulates creative citizen-lobbying? The political process cannot be left up to politicians and paymasters alone.

Superhero stakeholders are needed to motivate voters who feel left out and locked out of decision making impacting their lives. RLSH make unique contributions to communities and politics is an emerging area of that contribution for those so inclined.

RLSHA like me are hard at work here and in regular RLSH activities. RLSHA know real life, suit and tie super villains in goverment and industry who richly deserve to be creatively challenged by RLSH and our supporters!

Additionally, we can share RLSH perspectives with officials who may be leery of us. Even advocates need advocacy on their behalf too. It’s the natural progression of real life superheroism in my humble opinion.

The dawn of the RLSHA is at hand. :).

-Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black. RLSH ( and RLSHA ). @nadraenzi on twitter


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