Adam West Advocacy Needed


I’m one of the millions of Generation X viewers who watched the 1960s Batman tv show. Actor Adam West may have seen it as just another role but some of us took it to heart.

It presented an optimistic alternative to that era’s reforms, rioting and racial tension. At 50, I wonder where the optimistic alternative exists for youth witnessing today’s reforms, rioting and racial tension?

Adam West’s Batman portrayal was a straight arrow to the point of satire. He also made the values our folks taught us seem larger-than-life as he used them, along with gadgets and fisticuffs, to defeat comedic costumed criminals.

America is much less innocent now. I daresay this lack of innocence makes the case for increasing activism along the lines of Adam West’s Batman.

We need straight shooters as cultural competition for deifying drive-by shooting and mass marketed ” venal viper ( s ) ” to quote West’s Batman while fighting the question mark bedecked Riddler in the series premiere.

While costumes are optional, teaching moral absolutes and modeling good citizenship are options we absolutely must promote.

Great fiction, in the form Adam West depicted, sets the stage for great advocacy to be a reality! Our capes and cowls await.

-Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black RLSH. @nadraenzi on twitter.

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