My Overnight Shelter for the Homeless






My Brother in urban safety, Walter Gildersleeve Aka #DetroitBatman, is facing push back and phony allegations that he’s impersonating a police officer. I’ve yet to see departments issue members superhero code names and colorful t-shirts but what do I know? Plenty on this topic!

The not so subtle hint is some prefer if he were yet another quiet hostage to rampant urban crime and decline.

In their eyes, the WORST thing a Black man can do is dare patrol on behalf of women and children at bus stops; playgrounds and walking by vacant houses where robbery and sexual assault can happen. No, let’s not have Brothers in the Hood actually make unsafe, filthy streets safer and cleaner- that’s bad for business!

Stand with Detroit Batman. #CapBlackRLSH does!

Phony 911 Calls Are #NOTSafetyCreation

I’ve done traditional security; clubs and events; bounty hunting; loss prevention and citizen on patrol  safety advocacy for over 20 years.

In light of recent high profile phony 911 call cases, I share the following:

I have nothing but contempt for scared  bigots or unstable, wannabe cops like George Zimmerman hiding behind phony 911 calls to mislead police and hopefully get innocent people arrested to serve some sick personal agenda.

If you don’t have the guts to face people you hate, don’t call 911… call a psychologist

Here’s a phony 911 call that thankfully, backfired!

#CapBlackRLSH says phony 911 calls are #NOTSafetyCreation

Black Men, as Mis-Percieved by Left & Right Ideologues

Conservatism regarding Black men must be more than reflexive rushing to blame everyday Black men in encounters with White people and police. It’s not Brothers fault all the time. When one is seen as part of a negative collective, and not an individual, ones conduct and character are easily mischaracterized.

Conversely, Liberalism as applied to Black men must mean more than knee jerk defenses of Black criminals or serial screw ups. Despite inequality, some Black men freely choose to harm others or under-perform, and no amount of White guilt changes this fact. We too have freedom of choice, as the often ignored achievements of productive Brothers attest daily

Neither toxic tendency serves the best interests of Black men nor these competing ideologies as we peel back limitless layers of race in the 21st Century.

Hello, my name is Cap Black. I’m not a pet to be worn like cheap costume jewelry by the virtue signalling, Xeno Left nor an animal to be caged by the seig heiling Xeno Right.

#CapBlackRLSH is My Liberty & Liberation Statement

#CapBlackRLSH is my liberty & statement:

I’m free to create safety with like minds.
I’m free to share supply via homeless outreach and random acts of kindness ( #RAK #RAOK ).
Im free to develop my #Super ( unique Potential and helping others ) in as many ways as I can.

Im free to do these and ALL things because I’m FREE!


#ResurrectUrSuper; an #Easter Message from #CapBlackRLSH #theBrownWonder


Today, for those who believe, the Ultimate Super Hero ( Yeshua or Jesus or Christ ) defeated Death Itself and by extension, the corrupt government which ordered his execution, and all corrupt governments, by rising from the dead.

Non believers in His divinity who are touched by His example, draw solace from His teachings as ethical, secular citizens also facing unethical secular challenges centuries later.

Triumph over betrayal and evil schemes is a universal epic worth telling and re-telling.

I’m not a preacher, like Justin Haynes or my Super Brother Justin T. McGeorge. I’m merely a Brother who believes in #Super ( unique Potential and helping others ) in all its forms and traditions.

#ResurrectUrSuper from the grave of Doubt and evil designs. đŸ™‚


Reality Check: No Mass Marches for Dead Black Safety Advocates!

Reality check: If me; #BroAlMims, Walter Gildersleeve Jr. aka Detroit Batman, actor Ameer Baraka, New Orleans Peace Keepers head Willie Muhammad and a good percentage of other Black male safety advocates around America were murdered while mobilizing and mentoring, there would be NO national outcry; NO mega marches and NO political pressure brought to bear.

We’d just be some more dead Negroes to briefly fill airtime because Brothers standing up to crime and standing beside police doesn’t fit the narrative that we need somebody outside ourselves to ” save ” us.