My Overnight Shelter for the Homeless



Jemel Roberson: Do Safety Creating Black Lives Matter?


I just posted this on Instagram:

The disconnect between Black men creating safety and people in blue uniforms can become contentious, litigious and, in the supremely tragic case of #JemelRoberson, deadly.

It seems being a concerned citizen is fine, UNTIL you are a Black male one without a law enforcement badge. Somebody in authority is sure to think you are stepping of your so-called ” place. ” I type this with over 20 years experience creating safety while Black and supporting police even when some made it clear they didn’t support me.

THIS is a part of the Black lives mattering debate I’ve been waiting to have.

Do SAFETY CREATING Black lives matter or are we slaves who should be punished if we personally protect life and property, as individuals and professionals, like our counterparts of other colors?



Excelsior Stan Lee!

IMG_20181112_153121_034.jpgAdam West and Stan Lee enriched the sense of possibility for a little Black boy in a Southern town, that wasn’t too welcoming, who wanted to find his #Super ( unique Potential and helping others ) MORE than anything in the world… and did so!

Take their escapist fiction and turn it into enhanced fact in ur life and those around u!


RIP Stan Lee!


#CapBlackURB Superhero inspired safety creator! 🙂


To Nice Folks Who May not be Feeling Nice about Themselves.


( A Facebook post I posted here instead ):

Nice folks who may not be feeling nice about themselves as I type this:

I’m not a preacher nor a motivational speaker, per se.

I believe in what I call, #Super ( unique Potential and helping others ) and see it so PLAINLY in friends who may not see it in themselves.

I’ve found that outnumbering bad thoughts and feelings about yourself  with good ones, methodically,  until it’s done by automatic pilot-ur subconscious-turns self esteem around… not overnight, but eventually.

So, to my nice folks who may not be feeling nice about themselves as I type this, I’ve seen ur #Super  ( unique Potential and helping others ) In action but until YOU see it, it’ll never be  a reality in ur self image and behavior.

#CapBlackURB #SelfTalkisSuperTalk

Just Did a #SafeBuddy Escort to Mardi Gras Zone


( Originally a Facebook post ): Finished a surprise #SafeBuddy escort walk with a friend in the Marigny who was one of the first neighborhood crime victims I escorted two years ago.

She was attacked while riding her bicycle by a group of kids who knocked her off it and chased her into a nearby business.

Ran into another friend tonight at our destination, Mardi Gras Zone, and had a good time chatting!

There’s Dignitary Protection. I know someone who does Celebrity Protection for well known entertainers.
I do People Protection for anyone, regardless of pedigree or lack thereof and tonight, Friend Protection. 🙂

#CapBlackURB #SafeBuddy System

Protection & Prevention are Two Wings Needed for a Community to Fly.


Safety Creation is a coalition effort. Arguments to the contrary, it’s not a zero sum choice between Protection over Prevention. Conversely, it’s also not a zero sum choice between Prevention over Protection.

It should come as no surprise that I’m primarily an advocate of Protection. I seek to displace negative energy ( crime ) by denying it expression where I work or volunteer. Unlike Prevention minded allies, whose differing opinion I value, crime to me is a matter of individual malicious intent and this fact shouldn’t be overlooked in favor of charging macro issues like poverty; trauma and economic inequality with the lions share of the blame. They inform negative behavior but not more so than personal choice.

I’m Old School regarding those who intimidate, assault and steal. My view, however, is complemented by an open mind.

Prevention allies invite a view of crime as the visible manifestation of often invisible historic, psychological and economic forces whose primacy can’t be overlooked as residents reel from ongoing crime against people and property.

Instead of arguing, my coalition stands upon a dynamic middle ground where effort aimed at displacing negative behavior via vigilance, deterrence and rapid police response is complemented by attempts at replacing it through mentorship, counseling and structural reform of institutions and public policy.

One thing is clear: it takes two wings, Protection and Prevention in unison, for a community to fly toward greater safety and opportunity.

Take care of each other. 🙂

#CapBlackRLSH By Your Side.

Yesterday at a Glance

Yesterday at a glance:

*Fed two homeless men with food from area establishments for only $3.00.
*Put a little gas in the car of New Orleans #1 Crime fighter and Mentor #BroAlMims so he can do alot more good.
*Did a safety walk for a member of Wild Lotus Yoga to St Roch Market and back to one of the Healing Center parking lots.
*In a busy restaurant, gave a lady back her cell phone which had fallen on the floor behind her while she ate dinner.

Just being present and willing changes outcomes for the better. The more we do; and the more like minds join the doing, the more we can change outcomes for the better.

Take care of each other. 🙂

#SafeBuddy System

#CapBlackRLSH Fundraiser

#CapBlackRLSH Fundraiser 
My safety creation advocacy unites like minds across the ideological and political spectrum. I mobilize residents and businesses within their comfort zones to displace intimidation, violence and property crime instead of feeling like hostages who must accept it.
I do safety walks escorting people to their vehicles and front doors. I check on businesses and individuals impacted by crime. I also advocate on behalf of demotivated victims and witnesses who are hesitant to contact the police or feel their cases will be lost in the shuffle after reports are taken.
My role is walking alongside allies in the creation of safety at the grassroots level, where it’s most needed. We can’t wait for it to be rationed down from on high.
I promote #BrothersandBadgesTogether to bridge the volitale gap between urban stakeholders and urban police. We can’t allow skin color and uniform color to divide potential partners who should be creating safety together in very unsafe areas.
I also do a #MarignyWatch where I network with concerned citizens in that community. I follow up tips and fast track information on suspects to our local police district.
I don’t charge for my safety creation advocacy and mostly self fund, with the exception of donations from givers who appreciate my pro bono protection production.
Feel free to donate to what was once my 1 Man Street Patrol, which has become on line and in-person coalition building where I motivate and unite diverse good people  facing bad times in our community.
Safety is Universal. It’s something we can create and  make accessible for all needing it. 🙂