#NolaRonin Safety Patrol

Local safety advocate Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black has been selected to start the New Orleans chapter of the Ronin Safety Patrol, founded in New York City by Christopher Pollak; the real life superhero ( RLSH ) known as Dark Guardian in the media.

The Ronin are volunteers who focus on creative crime prevention; homeless outreach and other civic endeavors at no cost to the public.

Now more than ever the world needs superheroes in real life. The Ronin safety patrol is out in the streets fighting & deterring crime, helping the homeless, and improving their local communities in any way possible.

They are bringing superheroics into the real world and providing real life role models that are needed.

If you want to make a difference in the New Orleans area:

Contact Cap Black at 504 214 3082.

#SuperheroSleepOut Update


On Thursday, November 16,2017, my chaplin Brother Al Mims and I slept outside Spotted Cat Food and Spirits as part of Covenant House annual Sleep Out America fundraiser

Two hundred ninety five dollars was donated to Covenant House from my Sleep Out America page and I thank all donors!

Brother Richard, a homeless gent I assist, checked on us through the night and Lucci, another member of our group, joined us a couple hours before sunrise.

I enjoyed the Sleep Out and may incorporate it into my ongoing outreach efforts. We hit the streets and the internet with our advocacy and may need to sleep out more often too.

Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black.

#HeroWeen2017 Update


My #HeroWeen2017 Fish Fry & Costume Party Tuesday night was successful.

Thank you to Spotted Cat Food and Spirits for the venue and all who gave canned goods and clothing for the value.

New Hope Baptist Church in New Orleans Central City area received what we collected for distribution through their food bank and clothing closet.

Sharing supply is the fantastic flipside of creating safety.


Keep Swinging at Hurricane Harvey


The Houston area is flooded on a scale that boggled the mind. Fortunately, people near and far are mobilizing to assist in rescue and recovery.

I gave a $ Super Power donation today to Terence Winkler, a friend’s brother, who lost everything, along with the eight children and four adults with him.

Here’s the link: https://www.paypal.me/twinkler1

He is a generous man richly deserving of generosity in return. I strongly support giving to the givers because their needs are so often overlooked.

Let’s keeping swinging at the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey!

Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black is founder of the volunteer Cap Black Street Patrol.

504 214 3082.








Anti Racist Group Forming.


I had a great conversation today with a friend who’s forming a group in New Orleans to ensure protests and marches aren’t co-opted by political thugs from any side of the ideological spectrum.

When he’s ready to go public I’ll gladly share all relevant details. A cursory glance at the headlines confirms the crying need to reclaim public spaces and gatherings from political thugs from any side of the ideological spectrum.

We agree you can’t play favorites with those who assault and intimidate others.

Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black is founder of the volunteer Cap Black Street Patrol.

504 214-3082.