#RLSH & Regular Together


#RLSH ( acronym for real life Superhero advocacy ) who are comfortable with normal people ( like I am with #BroAlMims in this picture, lol ) should embed yourselfwith neighborhood associations; regular activists and community groups which could use our #Super to get more things done.

It’s great that many of us are the Lone Stranger who does good deeds and leaves and fine some form fantastic fellowships but we also ( in my humble opinion ) need RLSH to work with; follow or even lead everyday concerned citizens too.

I’m involved with a number of organizations and institutions, including the New Orleans Healing Center Faubourg St Roch Improvement Association as its Vice President and Steering Committee membership for Making Connections Black Male Mental Health Initiative.

RLSH and regular, we’re in this together and should form a united front whenever possible.





Im not a civil rights activist; I advocate instead for #superrights, which means creatively addressing problems without oversight from government or corporations.

I can vote; spend money most places but the right to use my #Super ( unique Potential and helping others ) is the one that takes up where Thurgood Marshall and Dr. King left off.

It’s not about what’s promised in the paper Constitution! #Superrights are sbout realizing promise in my PERSONAL Constitution, without interference or artificial limitation.

We can solve problems around us without first asking someone’s permission.

” Civil rights are what others give you. Super Rights are what you give yourself! Think Natural Law meets comic books. ” -Cap Black.

#CapBlackRLSH Super Rights on my mind as I contemplate in the Black Cave. 🙂

Overnight Shelter Post Script


The whole purpose of my Cap Black advocacy is encouraging INDEPENDENT responses to crime; homelessness and marginalization.

The outpouring of support for my recent Overnight Shelter proved once more the validity of my purpose.

Help didn’t come from indifferent government agencies.

Assistance didn’t arrive from uncaring corporate boards.

The calvary were neighborhood Good Samaritans ( my Food Force ) who contacted me and provided food and clothing from their expansive heart; not once but DAILY! I issued two social media SOS calls for guests who needed shoes and both were answered within mere hours.

General Winter ( freezing weather ) wasn’t the only enemy we fought! Homeless haters and would be overlords failed to disrespect and displace my homeless guests and definitely failed to put a leash on my #Super ( unique Potential and helping others ), which is impossible.

My Overnight Shelter is one of several plans I have on the creative outreach drawing board.

What will the next giving adventure be?

#CapBlackRLSH I was on-site all night.
#CapBlackStreetPatrol has a Food Force added to its caring coalition.

Overnight Shelter Tally:
96 volunteer hours amassed during two four day outreaches. I’d work 8 and do 12 pro bono.

We CAN do what we decide is important enough to do!



25° Tonight in New Orleans



Getting the homeless indoors may be a literal matter of life or death when it gets this cold in a tropical climate like ours.

My Overnight Shelter is one option: open
11pm-sunrise tonight inside the front lobby of the New Orleans Healing Center at 2372 St. Claude Ave.

When it gets this cold; with possible snow and sleet, only the hardest hearts ignore the threat before us.

We have had individuals die during freezing weather; either found outside or after a fire in a vacant building. Is it too much to ask that we avoid this outcome tonight?

#CapBlackRLSH on-site all nite.




Happy MLK Day 2018


Happy MLK Day 2018!

Today is a day ON, NOT a day OFF for #CapBlackRLSH!

Overnight Shelter tonight in the front lobby of the benevolent building named the New Orleans Healing Center.

#CapBlackRLSH on-site all nite. Might do some #CapBlackStreetPatrol too! 🙂


When Homeless Guests Get Up


( Morning Reflection ): The considerable emotional downside of running an Overnight Shelter is getting homeless guests up and out by 6am so this benevolent building’s businesses and janitorial service can begin their duties.

Cold air they escaped for a night waits to claw at them in the morning.

The upside is guests can return on nights when Im open to sleep in warmth; eat and even get clothing- as evidenced by two warm coats given away last night.

General Winter doesn’t win every round.

#CapBlackRLSH on-site all nite. 🙂